Featured Streamer: RektifiedXL

Here at Neogenics we love to support those who support us! Featured in this month's edition, we honor an up and coming twitch.tv streamer whose engaging broadcasts have kept us coming back for more.


Dylan L. AKA 'RektifiedXL' has been gaming all his life. He's certainly advanced quite a bit since gaming on his iMAC at the age of 5, but his passion has stayed true. We love watching passionate people doing what they love to do.

Before you get any farther in this post, I realize you already likely have some questions about why a health and fitness based company would feature a gamer, so I've compiled a quick Q&A, so that you can all be up to speed.

What is a streamer? What is twitch.tv?

Out from under the rock! Twitch.tv is the largest community of gamers on the internet. Entertainers, professional esports athletes, competitive matches, talk shows about games, and more are all streamed in real time for viewers at home to enjoy. A 'streamer' is simply someone showing off what they can do in their favorite games. 

How does gaming fit into the "live clean" and "live healthy" mentalities that we so proudly support here at Neogenics?

Your stereotype of gamers is slowly dying. The community is becoming more and more health conscious and as a company, we're aiming to help them do that. Fitness and Health don't only exist at the gym or on the track!

Isn't gaming a waste of time?

While there are certainly people who waste a LOT of time playing video games, aren't there also a LOT of people who waste a LOT of time watching TV? Gaming is different than TV in that it allows people to interact with the media they're consuming. Instead of mindlessly watching tv, players can bond, form in-game friend groups, solve puzzles, compete, and more.

In fact, there are many streamers who make enough money through advertising revenue and fan donations that they've been able to quit their career and focus on streaming full time. Getting paid to do what you love doesn't sound like a waste of time to us!

Gaming isn't a true sport and doesn't require any fitness

If this were true, you and I would both be professional gamers. These guys regularly take home six figure winning prizes at world class tournaments. Simply put, gaming requires an extraordinary amount of mental fitness. Pair that with fine motor skills like controlling a mouse with pin-point precision and you have a true sport. Just ask ESPN. They've begun broadcasting gaming tournaments on national television!

Great! We're all on the same page now... 

But either way, you've made it this far! Keep going!

There are several reasons we've chosen to feature Dylan on our page. One of the major ones is that he is simply fun to watch. Disclaimer - You may spend hours watching him and not realize how much time has passed!

Watching RektifiedXL play on twitch is reminiscent of playing games in my mom's basement with my middle school buddies from back in the day. I don't mean that in a "he acts like the snot nosed, scab picking, earlier version of myself", but simply that he brings me back to the true reason I, and most others, enjoy gaming as a pastime. Dylan brings a laid back, fun loving, and community based atmosphere to twitch which is sometimes missed by the streamers simply looking for a "get rich quick by playing games on the couch" type of gig. He's constantly communicating with viewers and playing for fun!

It's similar to when your older brother stole the controller and all you could do is watch.... but in a more fun kind of way.

We asked RektifiedXL what his favorite games to play on stream are and here are just a few of the ones he loves:

  • Diablo 2
  • World of Warcraft
  • League of Legends
  • Rocket League
  • H1Z1:King of the Kill
  • Counter-Strike


    RektifiedXL chooses FPS Energy simply because it works for him! When asked why he chose us, we received a super humbling answer.

    "FPS Energy is an all natural supplement that actually works! Waking up in the morning is the worst part of my day, and after taking this supplement I wake up a lot quicker and I actually have energy to start my day. FPS Energy could be used in the afternoon as well, it just works amazingly well in the mornings for me. Most other energy supplements give you the energy you’re looking for, but suddenly a few hours after taken it, you start to crash. I am glad to have a supplement with no crash after taking it."


    Mr. RektifiedXL,

    we wish you and the lengthy streaming career ahead of you the absolute best. It's an honor to have awesome customers like you in our corner!

    If you've already made it this far, please take a few more moments to follow RektifiedXL on Twitter or Twitch.tv so that you might be thoroughly entertained next time he's streaming!





    Live Clean. Live Healthy. Live Happy.

    Owner and Co-founder

    Dylan S 

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