We believe you and your body deserve the very best.

Neogenics is dedicated to providing you with clinically studied dietary supplements of the highest quality to improve your every day life.

Two years ago, our experts with 30 years combined experience set out to find the healthiest energy product on the planet.  

Along the way, our experts found other ingredients that set FPS Energy™ apart from anything you've ever tried.

Our experts have created top selling products for large health supplement stores, big box retail stores, and the pharmaceutical industry but there was always something missing. VALUES.

Most products on the market cut corners wherever possible to protect their bottom line.

This results in a less healthy, less potent, and less effective product. Our founders decided it was time to do business in a different way - The Neogenics Way.

Neogenics is a company rich in values.

This shows through our products, pricing, and customer support. Our guiding principles of integrity, honesty, and respect can be seen in the way we do business - The Neogenics Way - each and every day.

Headquartered in central Wisconsin, our products support American workers and the economy.  By doing business with us, your money stays in this great nation and keeps our employees working.

We truly appreciate your consideration of our products. If you have questions, concerns, feedback, or just feel like making one of our support specialist's days, feel free to drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or the chat on our website.



Dylan, Derek & Alex
The Neogenics Team


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